Mention the name of Jane Jekova and immediately imagine an elegant gown, prom or evening cocktail. But next year will associate its name with another image - that of a business woman. The new "JANE JEKOVA BUSINESS Line" is definitely different from anything she has done before.

For the first time twenty-five years Jane Jekova adopted in team designer. New name behind the brand "Jane Jekova BUSINESS Line" is couturier Dosyo Dossev. His creative work on their first collection has a strong positive charge and very fashionable. The collection consists of suits, shirts, outerwear and accessories with ultimate chic and memorable line. Strict jackets and pants are broken by irregular patterns, embroidery with stones, wide belts and asymmetrical lapels. Fantastic fabrics of silk, wool and lace put a high level of style and luxury. It started with wear mostly dark palette, but between them sneak and fresh, unconventional colors. Pronounced asymmetry which topped the list of the top trends for 2011 in formal attire, is present in almost all outfits. French frill is dynamically transformed along the lapel jackets. A fine silk sleeves gently end shirts that look like emerging from a fairy castle. Although classical references in the elements, the outfits definitely sound fashion. The line is a look at modern women business environment.