Janе Jekova is among the most famous and well-known Bulgarian designers. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 1987. It is the first Bulgarian designer that inspires new life ladies corset and imposed a Bulgarian in modern fashion. Creativity and typical exquisite elegance and perfect execution. Prefers clean lines of the silhouette. Hand- dyed fabrics, and added. Works with sheer silks, delicate lace, chiffon and new high-tech fabrics.

Janе Jekova is triple winner of the Academy Award for Fashion "Golden needle" Designer of the Year - in 1996 and 1999, and in 2006 receives the most prestigious fashion prize in the country - "Golden needle" for outstanding contribution in the field of fashion. It was declared a "Designer of the Year" and the festival of haute couture in 1990 and 1995, later receives award for Lifetime Achievement. Received an award from the TV show "24 carat " of television fashion in 1997. Several years in a row creates evening wear for Bulgarian participants in the contest "Miss Bulgaria " and in 2001 is the official designer of "Miss Bulgaria". Her work is an evening dresses of the actresses in the film production "Prey", directed by Bojan Miloushev involving Hollywood star Richard Chamberlain.

Each year Janе Jekova collections are subject to a basic theme and are preferred by many famous Bulgarians : Anya Pencheva Desi Zidarova Valeria Premyanova Maria Stoeva Elsa Radkova Lyudmila Safirova, Elena Stanulova daughter of actress Iskra Radeva and many others.